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  • Kidney stones$100
  • Incontinence and overactive bladder$100
  • Difficulty urinating$100
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)$100
  • Blood in the urine$100
  • Prostate cancer screening$100
  • Low testosterone$100
  • Erectile dysfunction$100
  • Infertility$100
  • Renal Cysts$100


  • Vasectomy Reversal$100
  • Vasectomy$50
  • Urologic Oncology$75
  • Urogynecology$142
  • Traumatic Urologic Injuries$110
  • Sexual Dysfunction$193

Our experts provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment

We bring together board-certified fertility specialists to offer a full range of fertility treatment options. As part of the full range services available, our team excels in the diagnosis and treatment.

Our specialists

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